JGTO Challenge Golf Tournament
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2014 elite grips Challenge Golf Tournament Result
  • 09/25(Thu)
    Course: Hakusan Village GC - Queen Course
2014 elite grips Challenge Golf Tournament Qualifying Tournament dates
  • ※Please ask each golf course for the practice round play fee by yourself

    05/23(Fri) EAGLE VISION cup Nishinomiya Rokko Country Club
    ■ self through play
    06/09(Mon) Swan cup Mito Lakes Country Club
    ■ self through play
    06/24(Tue) elite grips cup Seta Golf Course east course
    ■ self through play
    07/10(Thu) Golf Calore cup Tarao Cuntory Club course west
    ■ self through play
    07/14(Mon) COZY presents Mito Lakes Country Club
    ■ with caddie
    08/01(Fri) elite grips cup Japan Memorial GC
    ■ with caddie

    ※ JGTO license holder or PGA member would be the requirement for pro fee.

    ※ elite grips Challenge Tournament qualifier will be one person each.

    ※ 14 people form second place will be qualified for the final qualifying for elite grips Challenge Tournament.


2014 elite grips Challenge Tournament

【1】Tour outline

1. Qualify
Place below
Qualifying number below
Entering fee ¥12,000 ※pro and amateurs
Entering period Any time
Entering limit 10days before each qualifying
Others ●You can enter the qualifying cup more than once
●The top player of the each qualifying cup will be given a right to enter our tournament
●14 people form second place will be qualified for the final qualifying for elite grips Challenge Tournament.
For details elite grips Challenge Golf Tournament qualifying office
Person in charge: Hakoda 06-6787-4444
3. elite grips Challenge
Date 2014 September 25th (Thu) 26th (Fri)
Amount of prize money ¥10,000,000
Course Hakusan Village Golf Course Queen Course
Phone: 059-262-4011
Other info
  • The winner will be qualified to the JGTO regular tour.

【2】Qualifying tournament qualifier

  • 2013 JGTO Qualifying Tournament players
  • Golfers who belong or use to belong to the high school or university golf club.
  • Teaching Pro
  • Trainees belong to the KGU
  • Amateur golfers who is interested in the competition golf (no handy cap limited)
  • Other golfers which elite grips approved

【3】The competition method

  • 18 holes stroke play
  • To avoid tie, Count- back will be applied
  • 18 holes couldn’t be finished by weather conditions, the decisions will be made on the day from elite grips.

【4】The regulations of the qualifying tournament

  • ●The rules
    JGA golf rules and the local rules the tournament regulates.
  • ●Term of entry
    Until it fixes total number.
  • ●How to apply
    Please check below.
  • ●Entry and contact

    32-3-6 takaidanishi higashiosaka, Osaka Japan 577-0067
    elite grips Challenge Golf Tournament qualifying office
    Tel 06-6787-4444

Using the application form

FAX: 06-6787-9900

  • ① Please fax the application form to our office.
    After we received the fax we will proceed your entry.
  • ② After procedure we will contact you the bank information for wiring.
  • ③ When we received the entry fee we will send you the payment confirmation.
WEB entry system
  • ① Use your smart phone or PC and click ENTRY TOURNAMENT.
    After clicking the button fill in the data.
  • ② When we confirm your entry, we will send you the bank information in wiring the money to your e-mail.
    ※ Please be sure that your e-mail won't block elite_challenge@s-2.co.jp
    ※ If there is no reply after 10days entering please contact us.
  • ③ If we couldn't confirm the entering fee 10 days before the tournament, your sign up might be canceld.
  • ④ The matching will be uploaded on our website three days before the tournament.
    ※ If you can’t check it by our website please contact our office.

【5】For cancel

Those of you who wants to cancel the tournament please contact us immediately.

【6】Moving up

There will be no moving up in spite there is a cancel in the qualifier.

※ Final Qualifying Tournament would be the same even there is a cancel in the qualifier.

【7】Entry Fee

After entry procedure, please pay the entry fee to our account below. After payment your entry will be completed.

Account: Mitui sumitomo bank Fukaebashi branch
saving bank 1479985


There will be no pay back for cancel on any reason.

【9】Etiquette and Manner

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation to the followings.

■Etiquette and Manner about the dress
  • When entering and leaving the golf course, please wear a suit jacket or blazer.
    Please wear shirts with collar. (Exept the intensive heat period)
  • Please refrain from wearing zip up jacket, blouson, down jackets, and sandals to the golf course.
  • There are golf course which bans t-shirts, jeans, camo pants or anything familiar to those. Please contact the golf course for confirmation.
  • Please check in at the reception desk 30 minutes before tee off time.
  • Please note that parents or other companions dress same as the players.
■Etiquette and Manners inside the golf course
  • Please keep track of time for play.
  • Please do not disturb other players.
  • If cart ride is permitted please obey to the rules.
  • Please smoke in the prescribed area.
  • Please wear caps, hats, or sun visor for safety during play.
  • Please wear collar or three cm turtle neck shirt during play.
  • Please do not put towels on your shoulder or neck.
  • After taking divot, please put back the grass at the original position and step on it.
  • Please make the sand even after bunker shot.
  • Be careful not to damage the green.
  • Please fix the ball marks on the green.
  • Please put trash to the trash can.
  • Parents and accompanies are not allowed to go inside the course.

【10】Personal information

  • The player’s name, scores and the course information might be on article.
  • We might film you during the tournament. In that case, the right to use your picture would be our company.
  • Your information would only be used as a contacting tool between you and our company.
  • If you have any concerns or questions, please feel free to contact us.