elite grips - Q & A

Q1 What is the weight of the grips?
A1 There are several types of golf grips in different weights.
Please check the product pages.
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Q2 Is it easy to change caps?
A2 If you have the exclusive cap removal tool it is easy to change caps.
Please check the Accessory page.
Q3 What is WCS weight control system?
A3 You can adjust the feelings and balance easily with your hands.
Please check the Weight Control System page for details.
Q4 Where can you purchase elite grips?
A4 Mass sale shops and sports shops in Japan, Korea, China, Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, Myanmar, Philippines.
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Q5 Isn’t it against the golf competition rules?
A5 There are no problems regarding the rules.
The caps will not come off during use, but regarding the rules, taking off or replacing caps are not allowed. Please note that.
Q6 What are the materials used for the grips?
A6 To implement the torque balance we introduce No. NK510 elastomer.
Please check the technology page.